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Car Photo Stuff Toy Bear
as keychain, suction cup or xl soft toy

Our cute photo cuddly animals give you a lot of joy. They are special cuddly toys that you can individualize with a photo. The cuddly teddy bear with your own photo looks really nice and funny. In its hands it can hold your number plate, a sign with a flag or a free text. You will also be provided with recommended phrases on your toys. Such a cuddly toy will bring you and especially for children a lot of fun.

Your car cuddly toy rabbit is a nice accessory that has been thought through by our designers for three different uses - as a cuddly toy for the back seat, as a key ring and as a cuddly toy with suction cup for your rear view mirror. You can also customize your car cuddly toy bunny with a funny saying, your national flag, a name or a free text. Make the atmosphere in your car warm and comfortable with our car photo cuddly toy.


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Carbon License Plate Keychain Milled

Are you fed up with usual keychains? We've created something exclusive for you - a carbon keychain with your license plate. The material used for the production is very robust, which guarantees you a long-lasting use of our keychain. In addition, your accessory is personalized with your license plate, making it a unique piece.

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If you like noble, golden hues, you are exactly right with this license plate keychain.

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Bottle Opener - Keychain